Professional Activities

Collaboration Projects with University of Malaya (UM)

2016- Present

  • Student training on practical and technical work

  • Publications & Exhibitions

  • Several projects on enzymes and deep eutectic solvents

Work on enzymes and their activities in some solvents and nano-materials.

Extraction of natural products and related work

Global Halal Sphere Conference 2019

Secretariat & Co-chairperson

Event Date: 21 & 22 August 2019

  • Website master

  • Logo designer

  • Photo editing & watermarking

  • E-certificate automatic system

  • Registration team leader

  • Evaluation form designer

  • Co-chairperson in a parallel session

Internship Program; Supervisor

17 July- 23 August 2019

The program exposed the interns to various activities including research visits, laboratory work, presentation and participating as committee in events and exhibitions.

Halal Research Forum: Perspective in Fishery and Aquaculture Research Consolidating Halal Research in IIUM-Collaboration and Networking

15 July 2019

Certified Halal Executive Training; Co-Trainer

17- 28 July 2019

10 days of comprehensive training on certified halal executive including halal assurance system, internal audit and also site audit demonstration.

Sharing session on Green solvents at International Institute for Halal Research and Training; Invited Speaker

INHART SEMINAR SERIES 5/2019 , 8 May 2019

Green Solvents: Tools for Halal Industry

Data Analysis Workshop- SPSS Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

21 & 22 April 2019

Understanding DNA using Molecular Tools Workshop (Second Series) "Steps Towards Cloning & Transformation"

19- 21 March, 2019

  • Exposure on cloning and transformation

  • Sequencing reading and analysis

  • Tips on using commercial kits

  • Insertion of plasmid and related topics

NGS-DATA ANALYSIS Workshop @ Biotechnology Engineering Department, IIUM

29-31 October, 2018

Staff Mobility Exchange Program; Supervisor

Halal Institute, PSU & International Halal Research and Training (INHART), IIUM

February- March, 2019

(2021) Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), Shenandoah University, US.

Dec 2020- Nov 2021

  • Collaborative online teaching

  • Virtual students exchange

  • Networking

Understanding DNA using Molecular Tools (First Series): Extraction and Purification of DNA

2- 4 July 2018

  • Exposure on DNA extraction and purification to achieve a final product that is ready for sequencing

  • Sequencing reading and analysis

  • Tips on using commercial kits

Ionic liquids symposium University of Malaya